Interview #05 - MDM Flow


Straight out the lab, independent brand MDMflow represents a new face for cosmetics with fresh, original colours that draw inspiration from Hip Hop and 90/00s style. We wanted to find out about more so we tracked down the creator, Florence Adepoju, and she dropped the science on us.

Q. Without giving away too many of your secrets; could you tell us a bit about how you produce your hand-made lipsticks?

My brand started as my university dissertation project which meant I spent a lot of time investigating the theory and practical process behind creating a lipstick. The formula I use now hasn't changed much since I graduated June 2013 and for the most part I just follow my pre-set instructions when mixing the oils and the waxes I need to create the base. Creating colours is however a longer and separate process that has taken me up to 4 hours to get the right hue in the past. I melt my base. mix in my colour and pour the molten liquid into my moulds. I have really cool moulds from one of the best mould suppliers in the world and that really helps. Once the lipsticks have set in the moulds I put them in the cases by hand and there you have it. That is honestly the shortest and simplest way I can explain what I do.

Q. Your colour range has some really original tones; are they inspired by particular things around you or do you toil away in the lab discovering new hues?

Some of them are colours I've always wanted but just couldn't find in other brands such as Mas Marina (blue) and Di La La (black). But I do sometimes have sessions in the lab where I'm just messing about and discover a colour or create a colour specifically. Bossy (brown nude) and Sweet Escape (pink nude) were the first two colours I created in a lab session where I thought "let me see if I can create two separate nudes" and I did.

Q. If every time you opened a lipstick music played, what tunes would we hear from the following?

1. Mas Marina - Kleine Viezerik ft Mr Probz - Meisje Luister
2. Von Dutch - Missy Elliot - Pass That Dutch
3. Milkshake - Kelis - Milkshake

Q. If you could apply lipstick to anyone, dead or alive, who would it be and which colour would you pick?

Dead - Florence Nightingale Graham (Elizabeth Arden) in Supreme, because she revolutionised the cosmetic industry, so would be cool get her view on things.
Alive - Bria Murphy (Eddie Murphy's daughter) in Milkshake, because she seems like a cool chick, and to me represents a type of MDMflow girl.

Q. Building a brand from scratch can’t be an easy task! Any particular advice for people out there wanting to do their own thing?

Just go for it, there's no full proof way of creating your own brand, but you can't allow that to put you off. You need to be passionate and committed to whatever you decide on building. I tend to read up on how my favourite brands where built, it keeps me motivated and it's also a great way to learn from other people's mistakes.

Q. What does MDMflow have in store for the future?

My biggest priority right now is distribution, making sure my current following are able to access my lipsticks in a quick and easy manner. Once that is solved I'll get back into developing new products and other interesting things I have up my sleeve that I can't really talk about. *taps nose*


On that tight-lipped cliffhanger we leave you. Next time you want to put a bit of music on your mouth; make sure you sample the flavours at MDMflow, check out the links below:

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