Fold Tight - How to fold T-Shirts

Fold Tight - How to fold T-shirts

From bedroom floor to shop floor, tees are folded using lots of different techniques. Here's a little bit of advice on keeping your awesome T-shirt collection looking almost ironed.

We've tested loads of folding instructions and chosen 4 of the most popular and effective methods that we could find. Watch and learn ;)

Technique List:

#01 Freestyle (0:11)

Perhaps the most highly utilised folding method throughout the globe. Perfected young, the fundamentals of this trusted technique become almost completely effortless.

#02 Straight Up (0:20)

Championed in households everywhere; shirts are neat, compact and you can see the designs for quick selection. This must be the t-shirt organiser’s method of choice.

#03 Military (0:51)

We don’t know but we’ve been told, this is how the army folds. If you’re on the move, short on space or blowing things up you’ll need discipline to keep your tees in order. Attention!

#04 Ninja (1:43)

“If you try, you may succeed.” - Uesugi Youzan (Edo Period)
Fast, simple and effective. Master this technique and fold t-shirts in 2 seconds, like a Ninja.

Our verdict

It was a tough decision but, in our opinion, the best way to fold a T-shirt is using the ‘Ninja’ style. It’s easy, fast, neat and you feel like Shinobi.
Our close runner up was the ‘Military’ drill; super cool, tidy & efficient but you can’t see those sick tee designs.
Who really needs an iron? Not you! So go, fold like crazy and show off your immaculate T-shirt collection to your friends and passers by.
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Let us know what you think about all this folding business. Telepathically transmit your thoughts to us all or just leave a comment.


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