Interview #02 - Viva La Hen

There's quite a bit of rough in Bristol, fortunately that means there's a few more diamonds. This one glistens more than most! With her unique creativity and handmade fancies, Viva La Hen has been brightening up the badlands of Totterdown and beyond.

We had some questions we needed to get off our chest, she covered them in answer glitter and tattooed them right back on us. 

Q. What were your first Viva La Hen Creations?

Hummm, my first bitchin' art creation was probably the tattooed grapefruit I still have on my mantle piece. It was the first thing I ever tattooed when I was a young whipper-snapper and an apprentice at a Tattoo Studio. Whilst all the other tattooed grapefruits that I practised on rotted away, that one dried out hard. I have no idea why it was the sole survivor but it's totally bitchin'.

Q. How do you get in the mood for creating?

The best way to get me in the mood is music. The perfect day in the studio is when I have a list of new musical recommendations to listen to whilst I work, oh and an endless supply of tea with the occasional biscuit. 

Q. What’s your favourite medium and media to work with?

Easy, my favourite medium is glitter. Love a bit of glitz, shiner the better!

Q. You used to be a tattooist; what’s the weirdest piece you’ve ever had to tattoo on somebody?

There has been a few awful tattoo designs that I've tried to talk people out of. One young man got Romeo written on his arm before a holiday to Ibiza. He certainly didn't come across as much of a Casanova, truly terrible!

One of the most shocking tattoo's was a guy who got 'the mother of my son is a c**t' tattooed on his chest in Latin. At least you couldn't read what it said, but geez, that is harsh!

The worst tattoo of all was a man that got a bulldog smoking a cigar tattooed with a ladies name under it. The next day he came back to get it covered over and told me it had been a one night stand!!! What an feckin' plonker! 

Q. All your stuff is very unique; is there anything you ever made and wished you could get back?

Oh yes, I once sold a 'Ship Shape and Bristol Fashion' painting with a big maritime ship in bright jazzy colours that I wish I kept. I've been meaning to paint an even bigger better one ever since but keep getting distracted by other projects.

I also made biscuit bunting out of felt with all my favourite biscuits. It was really detailed and took ages to make and looked totally bangin hanging up in my room so when it came to selling it, I slapped on a ridiculously high price I thought no one would go for. But they did. Darn shame, I loved those lil custard creams. At least I had enough money to buy plenty of real biscuits.

Q. What phantasy item would you like to get hold of and pimp-up a la Viva la Hen style?

I would love a laser cutter...I could make endless great bits and bobs with that. So if your not sure what to get me for Christmas...

Q. We’re guessing there’s probably a lot of stuff your drawing board; is there anything coming soon you can tell us about?

Well after a busy few months working and performing on other people's projects, Im dedicating January to concentrating on my paintings ready for an exhibition in the Spring and developing some walk-about collobration ideas for 2014's festivals!!! Watch this space!

Thank you Viva La Hen for your precious jewels of information! If you want to watch that space you can see more of her cool creations on her website. You could always take a trip to Bristol's Harbourside Market this weekend (Ending Sunday 22nd Dec 2013) or at the Arts West Side pop-up shop on Saturday 21st Dec 2013. Grab yourself some original Viva La Hen shizzle for chrizzmizzle!

Watch that space at Viva La Hen's Website

Bristol Harbourside Market

Arts West Side

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