Album Review #01 - Dub FX - Theory Of Harmony

It’s been a long time coming but the wait is finally over! Dub FX’s eagerly anticipated follow up to 'Everythinks A Ripple' has materialised from the ether; 'Theory Of Harmony' has entered Earth’s atmosphere.

We don’t think the hardcore fans, many who supported the project, will be disappointed. The album manages to hold onto that trademark Dub FX vibe and yet the sounds have progressed with new experimentation, awesome collaborations and even higher production quality than before. 

Stand out tracks for us definitely included Run, featuring the incredibly talented Eva Lazarus of Dub Mafia. The pair compliment each other perfectly in this bass fuelled track of epic proportions. Also on the D&B tip, Señorita; this tune is easy on the ears yet highly infectious. Smooth drums & piano carry the heartfelt vocals up to about cloud level… music with a view. We had to leave this one until the end of the recommendations - Light Me On Fire - Dub FX together with MC Xander, super heavyweight, full stop.

With many tunes co-produced by dance floor sound specialist Snareophobe, the track list has something for the big sound systems as well as worn out headphones and blown laptop speakers. Overall we give the album a massive thumbs up and suggest that wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, give Theory Of Harmony a listen; It’s only going to make your day better.

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